How are your New Year changes going? Planting reminders is the key to their (your) success!Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.31.23 PM

You can work with me (or others, or with yourself by reading books or listening to recordings) but unless you plant reminders around you, in your environment, all your good hard work at self-improvement can go out the window.


Look at the reminders already planted around you? Look at what you’re surrounded by:

  • That stack of papers (and emails!) you need to deal with might be saying something like, “Hey, you don’t have time to relax. You’ve got to deal with these bills and these correspondences. Why are you behind with this?”
  • The closet full of clothes that you inherited from your mother and that you feel obligated to hang on to, but know you’ll never wear, could be saying, “Hold on to the past! Remember the good old days! Everything’s been going downhill since, right?”
  • The Holiday Greeting cards that were “returned to sender” say, “You better update your contact files. Why haven’t you already done it? You’re sooo disorganized!”

Yes, there’s no end to the reminders telling us we need to be better.

And all these reminders sap our energy, and confidence, subconsciously and peripherally. They are constant. Ugh.

But what about reminders of how awesome we are?

How can we plant them?

Work with me (or with someone else or with yourself) to set the groundwork and “hit the restart button,” and weed out the negative reminders. Then, consciously choose things, symbols, that help you remind yourself of your new way of being! Have fun with it and reach for the stars. Go for the gold.

If you need help getting started, here’s a fun and easy place to find delightful reminders of your superpowers (like these, below):