Listen to yourself throughout the day. Be vigilant.
Notice when you say things that make you unhappy, take away your energy, or derail you from what you want to do.

Life is too short to not be our best.

Notice when you tell yourself things that you would rather not be true.

Are you needlessly reaffirming something that is in your power to change?
Are you wasting energy focusing on something that is not helping you move forward?
Did you know, you convince yourself of how to be all the day long?
Sometimes it works for you. Sometimes what you tell yourself works against you.
You can change what you tell yourself to make it work for you.
Will it work 100% of the time? I don’t know. But your life vastly improves as you practice not only listening to but practicing correcting your self-talk.
Here’s an exercise. There are two steps to it. The first is in making a list. The second is in correcting it.

1) List the self-talk that holds you back

 Some self-talk is provided to get you started, but if you don’t think it applies to you, just cross it off the list.

I feel tired/I’m exhausted
I can’t (do that)/I’m no good at /I’ll fail at__________________________
I’ll try to _____________________________________
I’m afraid of_____________________________
I’m too________to________________

2) Now let’s change all that

This exercise may seem silly at first, but if you take a chance with it, and practice it, you’ll see how transformative it is. The reason it may seem silly can be found by listening closely to your self-talk. It may say, “That is a lie. That is not true.” You may have those reactions because you don’t want to be foolish. I don’t blame you. But for this, you will have to trust that you will be able to tell yourself something that seems to be a lie but will end up being true. You are changing the future.
So, look for the positive. Tell yourself how you want to be. Then look for the evidence that it is true.
When you hear, “I feel tired.” Change it to, “I feel great. Refreshed. Energized. Excited.” And feel how your energy changes when you change your self-talk. (Unless it’s time to fall asleep. Then tell yourself, “I feel so relaxed. I’m ready to have a nice refreshing sleep.”)
Change, “I can’t.” To “I can and I will. I am!”
Change, “I’m afraid of,” to, “I’m excited to.”
Now it’s your turn.

Change your self-talk from negative to positive.

Old Self-talk            Changed to new self-talk (what you want)

______________   _______________________________
______________   _______________________________
______________   _______________________________
______________   _______________________________
______________   _______________________________
______________   _______________________________
The more aware you are of your self-talk, the more you’ll be able to correct it.
You have the power, and the worth, to make your life how you want it—
healthy and happy!