private clients

“The change I have seen in (my son) is amazing. In the last month or so he has matured so much. He has become more responsible and accountable, mainly with school homework and grades. I also feel he has finally realized that he can get good grades, he is intelligent and capable of it and so now he wants to try harder to get them and in doing this feel proud of himself.

He has calmed down. Before I felt he was like a bouncy ball in a pin-ball machine. He was full of ideas and projects that lead nowhere and he was full of negative thoughts. Now he has positive thoughts and ideas and projects he follows through with and gets things done.

His relationship with his dad has improved. We were going through a very bad spell where he would answer back and not respect his dad. Now he is more thoughtful of (his dad’s) thoughts and ideas and accepts them even if he does not think the same way. They can spend time together without arguing, they can enjoy each other’s company.”

— mother of a teen


“These sessions have given me a truly profound breakthrough. Thank you!”

— lawyer


“I have worked with Anna on a personal level as well as for my employees and business.  Incorporating meditation into my life has and continues to help me focus and “cut the noise”, in my mind.  Sometimes when so much is going on and I don’t know where to direct my attention, just closing my door for 5 minutes and meditating helps me to clear my mind and be able to get direction. We did 4 meditation sessions with Anna in the office with my staff and the feedback was terrific.  She has a very calming nature and an ability to help people get in tune.  For many of them, it was their first time meditating. We did it with a purpose to increase trust and be able to look at things from all perspectives.  It was a great experience and one I thoroughly recommend!”

— broker


“Brutal! But worth it! The work we’ve been doing together has been pivotal… I’ve had breakthroughs. Awesome!”

— sales manager


“Last night’s session was remarkable” 

— private client