corporate clients

“These classes have changed my life. I notice a huge difference – and the people I work with notice it, too!” 


“I am a buyer in the fast paced world of internet retail for   Learning the art of Zen Meditation with Anna has helped alleviate my anxieties and clear my mind so I can focus more on the task at hand.   I feel more grounded and energized to face the day.”

— buyer


“…When the opportunity came to have Anna work with me personally, with her insightful perspectives, in one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions that could help me place many positive clues, that are out there, into a more workable daily process, I was excited. She’s given me techniques to use, allowing me to find more the best in me, enabling me to confidently apply them in my life and work helping me to do even better. It’s being a very rewarding experience.” 

— sales executive