“WOW!!… I don’t want this class to end. I love this class!” 


“This class gave me the ability to cultivate self-trust. I hoped for another perspective on meditation as I try to bring greater awareness to each day. This class delivered. I would recommend it to others — and I have! Thanks Anna.”


“Great explanation and practice. Good energy. Feels comfortable. I found this class very helpful. I enjoyed learning about meditation techniques as well as practicing them. In life, I think I have always been somewhat mindful, but now know how to recognize and use it to my advantage.” 


“I so enjoyed your class. It was a great introduction to meditation. If you already meditate, it broadens your awareness. I have meditated before. This class opened my eyes to different types, purposes, and techniques of meditation.” 


“Anna’s enthusiasm transformed difficult info into easily digestible info.” 


“It is refreshing to listen to you—a monk/ teacher who is direct, offering insight in the moment without long, strict process’ or practices or stages of enlightenment. I like your approach. There are multitudes of teaching styles and practices and I find yours refreshing.” 


“I have taken classes before, but have not truly started my practice — until today’s class. I would recommend it to a friend.”